KLARNA (Coming Soon) - FAQs & Legal


Q1: What is Klarna?

A1: Klarna is a reputable payment service provider from Sweden, managing payment processes from start to finish. Renowned for delivering smooth payment options, Klarna serves over 170,000 online shops worldwide, with more than 60 million users globally relying on their secure payment handling.

Q2: Understanding Pay Later in 3

A2: Pay Later in 3 enables you to divide the expense of your purchase into three equal payments. These payments are automatically charged from the debit or credit card details you provided at checkout. The initial payment occurs upon the confirmation of your order by Silver Rain Silver, followed by the second and third payments due 30 and 60 days later, respectively.

Q3: Eligibility for Pay Later in 3

A3: To be eligible for Pay Later in 3, applicants must be 18 years or older. Despite its widespread promotion, eligibility for Pay Later in 3 depends on individual financial circumstances and does not impact your credit score upon application.

Q4: Acceptance Criteria for Pay Later in 3

A4: Klarna's Pay Later in 3 is offered based on various factors, including the value of your order, your previous ordering history, and item availability. Being at least 18 years old and providing accurate personal and billing address information can enhance your eligibility. However, previous acceptance does not guarantee future approval, and vice versa.

Q5: Required Information for Purchase

A5: When opting for Klarna’s Pay Later in 3, you need to supply your mobile phone number, email address, current billing address, and valid debit or credit card information. The mobile number is crucial for potential contact, and it's vital to provide correct details for receiving your payment schedule and order updates.

Q6: Credit Checks by Klarna

A6: Klarna may conduct soft credit searches, which do not affect your credit score and are only visible to you and Klarna, not to other lenders. Neither Klarna nor Silver Rain Silver will perform credit searches that could negatively impact your credit rating.

Q7: Why Pay Later in 3 Might Not Be Offered

A7: Pay Later in 3’s availability can be affected by several factors including personal details, order amount, the online store’s criteria, past order history, and item availability, making it not universally accessible.

Q8: How Pay Later Works

A8: After confirming your order, Klarna sends an email within two days with payment instructions. You have 30 days to try on your order and only pay if satisfied, with no additional fees, completing the payment online at your leisure.



Payment Options with Klarna

For Pay Later in 3, payments are automatically taken from the provided debit or credit card, starting from the order confirmation date, with the subsequent payments scheduled 30 and 60 days later.

Order Cancellations or Returns

Upon your cancellation or return acceptance by Silver Rain Silver, Klarna will cease any future payments and issue refunds for any amounts due.

Non-Payment Consequences

Should there be difficulty collecting the payment for Pay Later in 3, Klarna will attempt another collection two days after the due date. Failure to collect will result in a full payment request, with a 15-day grace period provided by Klarna.

Visiting Klarna's Site

All Klarna purchases and payment schedules can be viewed by logging onto www.klarna.com/uk, ensuring secure and easy access to your information.

Security of Payment Information

Klarna guarantees the secure processing of your payment information, with no card details shared with or held by Silver Rain Silver. All transactions are secured with industry-standard protocols.

Early Payments

Currently, it is not possible to make early payments for Pay Later in 3 orders.

Payment Confirmation

Klarna will inform you about due payments, successful collections, or any payment failures. If you have made a payment but haven't received a confirmation, you can verify your order and payment status by logging in at www.klarna.com/uk.

Post-Return Statement Adjustments

Following a return confirmation from Silver Rain Silver, Klarna will send an updated statement and adjust your payment schedule for partial returns or process a full refund for complete returns.

Unreceived Goods

If you haven’t received your goods, contact Silver Rain Silver for order status updates. You may also reach out to Klarna’s Customer Service to delay your payment due date until the matter is resolved.

Refunds for Cancelled Orders

Refunds are processed within 5-7 business days after Silver Rain Silver acknowledges your order cancellation or return.

Not Receiving Email with Payment Information

Log into www.klarna.com/uk to access all your orders and payment schedules.

Additional Questions

For further inquiries, Klarna’s Customer Service offers an extensive FAQ section, live chat, and phone support options.